TredMOR-2568 Synthetic Rubber Carpet Cushion – LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!


TredMOR® 2568 is commercial cushion for double-stick carpet installations.

  • Price:  $5.45 per Square Yard
  • Manufacturer:  Sponge Cushion Inc. (SCI)
  • Parent Company:  Leggitt & Platt
  • Country:  USA
  • Spec. – Thickness:  1/4 Inch (0.250 Inch)
  • Spec. – Density:  22 LB per Cubic Foot
  • Spec. – Weight:  68 Ounces per SY (Square Yard)
  • Spec. – Roll Width:  4′-6″ (54″ or 4.5 FT)
  • Spec. – Roll Length:  60′
  • Spec. – Qty per Roll:  30 Square Yards per Roll (30 SY/Roll)
  • Spec. – Antimicrobial Treated:  Yes
  • Spec. – Surface Moisture Resistant:  Yes BlockOUT
  • Spec. – Underside:  QuikLIFT Non-woven (Quick LIFT Non-woven)
  • Spec. – Styrene Butadiene:  100% Virgin Enriched
  • Spec. – Rubber (SBR):  SBR Synthetic Rubber
  • Spec. – Fading-Top/Bottom:  Non-woven
  • Spec. – Recommended Use:  Heavy Commercial

Local: Due to size, this product is available for local pickup only or call for special shipping options.

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TredMOR® 2568 is 1/4-inch thick commercial cushion with an 68-ounce density.  According to Sponge Cushion (SCI), the manufacturer, TredMOR® is "the most widely used and specified carpet cushion product on the market today" with millions of square yards of TredMOR® installed all over the world in "prestigious hotels, restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters, hospitals, airports, and office buildings."  This synthetic rubber cushion was specifically designed for double-stick carpet installations, "a method which creates a unitary assembly providing optimum comfort with a safe, highly durable, long lasting, and versatile installation."  Tred-MOR cushion has a moisture surface sealed and treated with BlockOUT® anti-microbial.

QuikLIFT® is the industry’s first releasable backing system. The QuikLIFT® felt fabric is thermo-bonded to the cushion during the manufacturing process. When TredMOR® with QuikLIFT® is replaced, the felt fabric will release from the floor, minimizing pull-up labor and prep time. QuikLIFT® leaves a smooth, clean surface, ready for the next DublStik® installation.  QuickLIFT eliminates the need for pressure sensitive adhesive.

QuikLIFT® is ideally suited to DublStik® installations where fast removal and reinstallation of carpet and cushion are necessary. TredMOR® with QuikLIFT® is ideal for casinos, restaurants, hospitality, retail, and similar high-traffic settings. QuikLIFT® will save time and money in the long term.

Local: Due to size, this product is available for local pickup only or call for special shipping options.


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