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Masland’s Pep Talk T509 (color: Jive 50902) is a commercial carpet tile from the Speak collection.  We sold a very large quantity of this product to a global firm and are left with the mandatory overage purchase.

NOTE:  The mill advertises this carpet tile as being sold by the carton.  Technically, however, the carpet was provided in oversized boxes full of individual pieces.  We are following the pattern of the mill and advertising this Masland carpet tile by the carton.


  • Fiber: 100% Solution-Dyed 6.6 Nylon with EarthSmart™ Refresh Fiber
  • Construction: Level Loop-pile
  • Face Weight: 18 Ounce/SY
  • Size:  24″ x 24″  (4 SF per Piece)
  • Packaging:  5.33 SY/CTN
  • Suggested Layout: The product will be installed following a monolithic, vertical, ashlar, or brick ashlar.


  • Quantity per Carton:  5.33 Square Yards or 47.97 Square Feet
  • Total Quantity:  168 Pieces
  • Total Quantity:  672 Square Feet (SF)
  • Available:  47.97 Square Feet x 14 Cartons = 672 Square Feet or 74.62 Square Yards
  • Special Price per Square Foot:  $1.67/SF
  • Special Price per Square Yard:  $14.99/SY
  • Special Price per Carton:  $79.90/CTN
  • Sold by the Carton

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Masland's Pep Talk T509 (color:  Jive 50902) is a commercial modular carpet.  (Modular carpet is also called carpet tile.)  Modular carpet is proven as among the most durable carpets made due to their special backings.  Carpet tiles are popular with corporate environments where a single tile may need to be replaced or expanded easily because carpet tiles are simply glued into place.  The ideal application is with Masland’s pressure sensitive adhesive and a complimentary 4-inch vinyl base along the perimeter walls.

We have some cartons in stock.

Construction Specifications

  • Fiber Content:  EarthSmart RefreshFiber
  • Fiber Weight (tufted):  18 oz./Sq. Yd. (610 g/m2)
  • Yarn Construction:  Loop Pile
  • Piece Size: 24.00"W x 24.00"L (60.96cm x 60.96cm)
  • Dye Method:  Solution Dyed
  • Gauge:  1/12
  • Pile Height:  0.219"/0.125" (5.56mm x 3.18mm)
  • Total Weight:  126.37 oz./Sq. Yd. 4285 (g/m2)
  • Primary Backing:  Synthetic
  • Secondary Backing:  EarthWise

Performance Specifications

  • Flammability Rating:  Flooring Radiant Panel ASTM E-648 and/or NFPA 253
  • Smoke Density:  Passes NBS Smoke Chamber Test ASTM E-662 (flaming mode)
  • Sustainability:  NSF Platinum
  • Static Rating:  Less than 3.5 kV. Antistat warranted for the life of the carpet
  • Warranty:  Originally, this product had a lifetime limited warranty.  As an overstock product, this material will be sold without warranty.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 6 in


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