Bruce E8316 3-Inch Engineered Hardwood – Butterscotch (opened)


$162.75 $126.72

  • Style:  Bruce Northshore E8316
  • Color:  Butterscotch
  • Specie:  Red Oak
  • Carton Weight:  30 LB (Full Weight:  33 LB)
  • Packaging:  Normally 25 SF per Carton; Estimated at 22 SF.
  • Thickness:  3/8″ (9.5 mm)
  • Board Width:  3″
  • Board Length:  Varying from 10 to 48 Inches
  • Finish System:  Dura-Luster Plus Urethane
  • Gloss Level:  High Gloss
  • Edge Type:  Square Edge / Square Ends
  • Residential Warranty:  25 Years (As an overstock item, this wood will be sold without a warranty.)
  • Performance Class:  Best
  • Installation Method:  Glue or Floating
  • Parent Company:  Armstrong Hardwood Flooring
  • Construction:  Engineered
  • Available:  1 Partial Carton or 22 SF Estimated Total (Full Carton:  25 SF)
  • Price:  $5.76/SF or $126.72/Carton

Note: Still wrapped in plastic, but the box was opened and a few pieces were used.  So, the quantity was adjusted from 25 SF to 22 SF.  (We also have 5-inch wide Butterscotch.)

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Oops!  We ordered too much!  Our mistake might be to your benefit.  Bruce Northshore E-8316 Butterscotch is a red oak, engineered hardwood.  We have 1 carton of this overstocked wood with an estimated 22 square feet in the carton.  We are selling at a below-wholesale price.  (We also have some Butterscotch in the 5-inch width which is linked to this product.)

Did you have a flood or suffer a deep scratch?  This product was discontinued by Bruce, so the box we have may be your solution!

Note:  As an overstock item, this wood will be sold without warranty.  This box was opened on one end.  The plastic wrapper is still on the box.  The box weighs 30 pounds instead of the standard 33 pounds which means that the box should have a little more than 22 square feet.  The product will be sold "as is."

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 49 x 7 x 6 in


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