Smooth Knotted Fringe in Classic Beige


Smooth Knotted Fringe in Classic Beige reaches beyond average and is evident by the first touch.  Smooth Knotted Fringe is perfect for refurbishing a quality rug.  The Classic Beige color possesses a warmer tone than Light Beige.

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Our Smooth Knotted Fringes of W3R4501 and W3R4502 are among our best quality fringes due to their thickness and smooth texture.  These two fringes are only different in color.  Classic Beige is a little darker.


  • Yarn Length:  4.50 Inches
  • Yarn Type:  Cotton
  • Color:  Classic Beige (W3R4501 is a lighter color.)
  • Knot:  Med. Knots
  • Weight: 2.9 Ounces per Yard
  • Sold by the Foot
  • No Minimum Quantity

Purchasing Notes

The rug's appearance should remain symmetrical.  So, plan to replace both sides.

This fringe is sold by the foot.  How many feet of fringe should you buy? We suggest, if you are purchasing for a rectangular rug, that you measure one side receiving the fringe. Then, multiply the length by 2. Next, add 1 foot. The additional foot will give you an extra 3 inches for the four corners to wrap the fringe to the back. So, when you buy fringe, order for the length of both sides plus 1 foot as overage.

REMEMBER: Buy at least 6 inches extra for EVERY cut so you do not run short.

We will email you instructions on how to replace your fringe after your order ships.  All you need is fringe and a glue gun in most cases.

Read our article entitled "Four Ways to Measure the Quality of Fringe" to understand the difference in quality among various fringe choices.

Extra Thoughts

This fringe possesses the durability suitable for an Oriental rug and thousands of foot steps.  However, some customers use our fringe for other purposes, such as a pillow, window treatments, or table cloth adornments or for other arts and crafts projects.

Additional information

Weight 0.070 lbs
Dimensions 3.85 × 3.85 × 1 in


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