Spot Out Carpet Cleaner



Spot Out Spot Remover is a professional-grade carpet cleaner is a long-standing favorite here at Wolfe Flooring.  We have hands-on experience using Spot Out to remove extreme problems.

  • No rinsing is required.
  • There is no sticky residue.
  • Suitable for carpet, upholstery, and clothing.


Spot Out - Case of 16-oz. Bottles

Spot Out - Case of 16-oz. Bottles

Spot Out is a marvelous stain remover for carpet and rugs.  Customers love Spot Out.  We sell Spot Out in pairs of 16-ounce bottles.  Two bottles equals a total of 32 ounces of cleaning power!

NOTE:  We use a square box in an attempt to keep bottles of Spot Out upright during shipping.  Spot Out ships in the same size box regardless of whether shipping two bottles or a dozen.  Therefore, shipping rates for two bottles will often be nearly the same as for four bottles.
  • Follow the instructions on the bottle.
  • Do not use Spot Out on delicate fabrics without testing.

Bottle Size:  2.5 in. x 8 in. x 2.5 in. (W x L x D)

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