Rug Repairs and Alterations

Rug Repairs, Fringe, Binding, Backings, and Alterations


Attaching new fringe is a very economical way to refurbish your rugs. Once we've securely added fringe to a rug, you would not know the difference without a close examination. Please click here to buy or see our fringe choices.

Binding and Surge Binding

We machine sew long-lasting bindings to achieve a very tight, clean look. Beyond cosmetics, sewing the edges prevents the rug from unraveling. On oriental type rugs, we machine sew a simulated surge binding. Our color selection is extremely diverse.


Rugs constructed of broadloom carpet usually have a very rough backing. The abrasive backing will act like a mild sandpaper to the underneath floor surface (carpet, wood, vinyl, etc.). Tile is the most resistant to this abrasion, but broadloom carpet on tile is slippery. In fact, the backing of broadloom carpet lacks grip on all surfaces. On a hard surface like tile, wood or V.C.T., a rug without grip can be a real safety hazard. Wolfe Flooring can correct the problem by attaching the appropriate backing. We offer two types:  rubberized backing and cloth backing.  (New backing is not what you need if this is an oriental type rug.  Also, see rug pads for rugs that need extra staying power.)


Unfortunately, accidents happen and wear n' tear takes its toll. Customers regularly bring us rugs damaged by vacuum cleaners, pets, chemicals, and the like. With some rugs, the structure of the whole rug is at risk. With others, the damage is localized to one single area. We reinforce backings, reinforce the edge, provide spot dyeing, and propose other creative solutions.

Free Estimate

Email us an image of your rug's face side, back side, and edge if you want a free estimate.

NOTE:  Expensive handwoven, antique rugs may loose some of their value if they are physically altered. We do not recommend the above alterations if your antique rug is being held for investment purposes.