Estimate Flooring

There is no room for error on large-scale, commercial projects, especially when custom-made goods will be fabricated.

Do you need a flooring expert to confirm the complex measurements of a job site in Florida?  Do you need trusted eyes to validate site conditions and estimate floor preparation needs?  Hire us!  We perform field verification measurements for carpet mills, designers, corporate owners, and contractors.

Precise planning eliminates common renovation distress.  How will one flooring type seamlessly transition to another?  What pivotal areas will cause a performance failure in the coming years?  Where will seams fall?  What is a reasonable product waste factor given the contours of the spaces?  We can calculate the quantity take-offs.  We can analyze all the tough questions.

Contact us to learn why Walt Disney World, major hotel chains, and flooring manufacturers look to Wolfe Flooring to estimate and verify their plans.