Design Flooring

Colors, texture, layouts, and product types create artistic expression.  Correctly selecting flooring products for each space determines the long-term durability of your purchase and your exposure to safety risks.  We monitor the pulse of design ideas, color trends, and new product developments.  We know the strengths and weaknesses of each product.  We can foresee how a product will look five years hence.  As a result, we can help you achieve the ideal combination of beauty and performance.  Whether you are seeking assistance with a color selection for a single product or planning for a complete remodel, we can develop your concepts to maturity with physical samples and both digital strike-offs or paper strike-offs set to scale.


We have enjoyed working both with and for countless decorators over our history spanning more than three decades.  Our layout and design efforts are restricted to flooring products (including stone and wall tiles).  Our aptitude in flooring enables us to collaborate with your designer for a magnificent floor-to-ceiling remodel.