Theater’s Fun Food Deserves Premium Porcelain

Soda, popcorn, nachos, pretzels, pizza, and candy are no match for Mohawk's Viella porcelain tile.  Everyday, thousands of moviegoers purchase fun food before enjoying their silver screen entertainment.  Spills occur routinely in the concession area.  The veining and irregularities, as found in natural stone, will hide mishaps.  This New Tampa cinema wanted to replace a commercial sheet vinyl with large, high-grade porcelain tiles with narrow, dark grout lines.  In addition to stain resistance, traction or grip was a key concern to prevent slips and falls.  We protected the ceramic's edge with Schluter's metal and ramped the substrate under the carpet for a perfectly flush transition.

Hard Surface:  Commercial Ceramic Tile

  • Manufacturer:  Mohawk
  • Style:  Viella
  • Color:  Forte Grey 16547
  • Color Technology:  Mohawk's Reveal Imaging
  • Color Variation (1 to 4 Scale):  V4 Substantial / Random
  • Finish:  Matte
  • Tile Size: ~5/16 inch x 24 inches x 24 inches
  • Material:  Color Body
  • Edge:  Eased
  • Friction Coefficient COF (wet):  0.60
  • PEI Wear Rating:  4
  • Features:  Traction when wet; Stain and chemical resistant.
  • Installation Method:  Thin-set Installation with 3/16-Inch Grout Joints
  • Layout:  Straight and Square Pattern (Straight Grid)
  • Transitions:  Schluter
  • Accessory:  Johnsonite's 2-1/2" Vinyl Wall Cove Base (Gauge: 1/8-inch; Color: 40 Black)
  • Accessory:  Crack Isolation Membrane (as needed)

Market Sector:  Hospitality - Restaurants and Entertainment