Tai Ping Carpet for Hotel Resort

Royal Thai Carpet (formerly 1956 by Tai Ping) offers exceptional quality controls and boundless creative beauty using their electronic Jacquard (EJ) looming system.  The lead time for Royal Thai's custom-made carpet was a worthwhile wait.  Our hotel client entrusted us with their primary spaces:  ballrooms, prefunction areas, meeting rooms, and corridors of their plaza level (i.e., first floor) and mezzanine level.  This waterside resort extended the life of the carpet and amplified the walking comfort to their guests by allowing us to install TredMOR 2580 by Sponge Cushion under the carpet using a double-stick installation.  The rubber cushion also absorbs sound, which is a valuable function in an active hospitality environment.  (A double-glue installation method is beneficial in other commercial applications.)  The presence of a 5-star resort with fine woven carpet enriches the offerings to those who vacation in Saint Petersburg, Florida. 

Soft Surface:  Hospitality Carpet

  • Scope:  8,650 SF
  • Manufacturer:  1956 by Tai Ping
  • Fiber:  Nylon Blend
  • Construction:  Level Cut-pile
  • Color:  Custom
  • Format:  Woven Broadloom
  • Backing:  Woven on Electronic Jacquard Loom
  • Pattern Repeat:  None; 100% Unique
  • Feature:  Precise Patterns, Bleach Resistant, High Durability, Comfortable Walk
  • Installation Method:  Double-stick Installation

Market Sector:  Hospitality