South Tampa Condo’s Carpet Tile and LVP

"We are seeking a proposal for new carpet in our 3-story condo.  We will be replacing all of the flooring in the corridors and in the elevator areas.  We will be getting two other bids."  Basically, those were the opening words of our soon-to-be South Tampa customer.  The board members were seeking value, durability, and style.  In short, we were awarded the project.  We provided and installed three carpets in the corridors of all three floors and luxury vinyl plank in the two elevator lobbies on the second floor and third floor, including the elevator cab.

Smart Design

The building had countless rectangular elements.  Notice the monolithic layout of the bricks on the walls and the upper skylight grid.  Notice the safety rails and the iron gates.  Rectangular carpet tiles and rectangular luxury vinyl planks, each with distinctly directional patterns, harmonized with the building's architecture and structural elements.  The primary carpet was installed so the linear appearance of the carpet ran with the length of the corridors.  (See the blog article Natural Layout.)

Smart Foundation:  Floor Preparation

Some old floor patch released when we were removing the old carpet.  So, before we could install the new carpet, we needed to replace the floor patching compound.  The building had concrete subfloors on each level.  The upper floors had a suspended slab.  There were crowns and depressions which deserved improvement.

Smart Selections:  New Flooring

As mentioned, we provided and installed three carpet styles.  This 3-story condominium had an open atrium.  Invariably, the carpet would suffer some exposure to inclement weather, especially on windy days.  People tromping in and out on wet days would create a true quality test.  The primary carpet that we provided was carpet tileCarpet tile is more durable than broadloom carpetCarpet tile has a waterproof backing, so moisture cannot reach the underside, except between the tiles.  We gave the carpet extra time to acclimate due to this semi-exterior application.  The manufacturer's recommended adhesives were used for a direct-glue installation method.

Soft Surface:  Contract Carpet for Primary Corridor Carpet

  • Manufacturer:  Bolyu Contract
  • Style:  Low Tide
  • Color:  Storm Waves LWT78
  • Carpet Fiber:  100% Avalar® Solution-Dyed (SD) Nylon
  • Construction:  Patterned Scroll
  • Face Weight:  24 Ounce/SY
  • Format:  Carpet Tile
  • Dimensions:  18" x 36"
  • Backing:  Nexterra®
  • Warranties:  Lifetime Limited for Wear, Stain, Static, Colorfastness, and Nexterra.
  • Layout:  Brick Layout
  • Transition:  We anchored vinyl T-molding to finish and protect the edges.

Soft Surface:  Contract Carpet for Resident Thresholds

We installed a solid color at the thresholds of the resident doors.  The carpet was upholstered to wrap the contours of each doorstep.  We selected the heavier face weight of 36 ounces due to the anticipated increased footsteps that the door thresholds will endure.  Several years from now, after much use, the board members can elect to replace those small pieces of carpet with minimal expense and without touching the primary corridor carpet.

  • Manufacturer:  Shaw Philadelphia
  • Style:  Emphatic II (54256)
  • Color:  Weather Vane 56583
  • Carpet Fiber:  100% Piece-Dyed (BCF)® Nylon
  • Construction:  Cut-pile
  • Face Weight:  36 Ounce/SY
  • Format:  Broadloom Carpet
  • Dimensions:  12' Wide
  • Pattern Repeat:  None
  • Backing:  Classicbac®

Soft Surface:  Contract Carpet

We knew that the distinct linear design of the primary carpet would create odd disparities at perpendicular intersections if the primary carpet touched.  We avoided the problem by adding another carpet with solid color at the intersections.  This carpet created a band at the end of the corridors on the second floor and the third floor.

  • Manufacturer:  Shaw Philadelphia
  • Style:  Color Accents (54786)
  • Color:  Ash 62596
  • Carpet Fiber:  100% Eco Solution-Dyed (SD) Q® Nylon
  • Construction:  Level Loop-pile
  • Face Weight:  30 Ounce/SY
  • Format:  Carpet Tile
  • Dimensions:  18" x 36"
  • Pattern Repeat:  None
  • Backing:  EcoWorx® Tile

Resilient Surface:  Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The elevator and the elevator lobbies deserved a different flooring type for increased durability and for cosmetic variation.  We suggested Interface's Level Set™ Woodgrain high-performance luxury vinyl flooring.  Notice the realistic texture in the close-up photograph.  (As of the time of this blog posting, Interface's Level Set luxury vinyl has the highest PSI tolerance among all LVT resilient flooring.  The alternative with a higher PSI tolerance was porcelain tile, which would cost much more.)

  • Manufacturer:  Interface
  • Style:  Level Set™ Woodgrain
  • Color:  Storm-A00205
  • Piece Size:  9.845 inches x 39.38 inches
  • Wear Layer Thickness:  22 mils
  • Total Thickness:  4.5 mm
  • Surface Visual:  Wood
  • Surface Finish:  Ceramor™ Coating
  • Static Load Limit (ASTM F970):  1,500 PSI
  • IIC Sound Rating (ASTM E492-09):  57 IIC
  • Slip Resistance (ASTM D2047):  >0.55 wet/dry, ADA Compliant
  • Backing Class:  Commercial Grade
  • Warranty:  15 Year Limited Commercial Warranty
  • Layout:  Offset Layout
  • Transition:  We anchored vinyl T-molding to finish and protect the edges.

Smart Planning:  Attic Stock

The client understood that the first several steps onto the new carpet from any entry point would suffer greater soiling and wear.  The current board members made provisions for themselves and future residents by purchasing a generous quantity of attic stock carpet.  In eight to ten years, they can replace the most heavily worn carpet tiles with carpet from the same dye lot.  They need not worry about the carpet being discontinued.

Market Sector:   Condominiums and High-Rises