Downtown Restaurant Double-stick Carpet Installation

Athletic superstars and business executives need a place to unwind and dine when staying at our client’s Downtown Tampa luxury hotel.  Five-star lodging necessitates an in-house restaurant commensurate to the hotel's overall ambiance.

The hotel chose this contemporary style which set meandering lines atop a linear background, a style which merged organic with geometric.  The contemporary pattern of the carpet compliments the simplicity and minimalism of the tables and chairs as well as the aqua-green lighting of the bar.  The carpet's dark tones contribute to the cozy environment created by the overall low lighting of the restaurant.

We installed the commercial carpet over a qualified double-stick, 32-ounce, synthetic fiber cushion.  We abutted the carpet to the existing porcelain tile and protected the threshold with an extra transition molding.

As an active hospitality environment, it was important for us to return the restaurant back to use in only hours.  We have been honored to work in this hotel since the 1980s, so we are accustom to their exacting circumstances.

Soft Surface:  Hospitality Carpet

Market Sector:  Hospitality