Davis Island Polished Travertine

Our Davis Island client had travertine in her kitchen, pantry, living room, foyer, and private study.  She wanted us to remove the old hardwood and carpet in the family room and halls.  Afterward, she wanted us to match the existing stone and polish all areas for a uniform appearance.

After removing the old flooring, we applied a 40-mil crack isolation membrane (as uncoupling technology) to mitigate against future slab movement.

Each piece of natural stone has unique color shading and veining.  The original floor was quarried years earlier from an unknown quarry.  So, how did we match the existing stone floor?  We traveled far and wide to find a near match.  We ultimately provided and installed a filled travertine tile.

Hard Surface:  Natural Stone

  • Tile Size:  ~1/2 inch x 24 inches x 24 inches
  • Tile Edges:  Rectified
  • Travertine Color:  Patara Light
  • Installation Method:  Mud-set Installation
  • Grout:  Custom Building Polyblend Grout (color: Bone) as ~1/16 Inch
  • Layout:  Straight and Square Pattern (Straight Grid)
After the installation, we honed and polished the travertine throughout using three screening applications: a #200 grit; then, a #400 grit; and finally, an #800 grit to create a low-gloss polish or shine.

We finished the carpet-to-stone thresholds in two small adjoining hallways by ramping the concrete substrate under the carpet to create a perfectly flush transitions.

The project was so successful that our South Tampa customer requested that we clean and seal the contiguous stone within her enclosed patio.  The outside stone was an unfilled travertine.  The exterior sealer is formulated to reduce porosity and the likelihood of permanent discolorations.

Market Sector:  Residential