Contemporary Carpet Tile for Modern Museum of Science

MOSI is an iconic attraction situated across from the University of South Florida in Tampa.  This not-for-profit museum is dedicated to the advancement of science and technology.  We were truly honored to be entrusted with providing and installing their new commercial carpet.  Wolfe Flooring joined with many tradesmen for this complete renovation.  The net result was a panoply of innovative displays and hands-on activity stations set within a contemporary decor.


Every wall curved in one direction or another in the lobby space and the subfloor gently sloped from one end to the other.  The colors of the lobby's primary carpet (Carpet 1), in a small way, reminds one of the special effects in a movie which simulate star in hyperspace when traveling at lightspeed, an illusion which is befitting MOSI's galactic theme.  The exterior entrance and restrooms entrance received a separate walk-off carpet (Carpet 2) with a heavier face weight for additional durability.  The client wisely purchased attic stock of this walk-off carpet so that replacement was possible after prolonged wear.

Exhibit Space

The exhibit space included a large trapezoid-shaped room, a room which segregated special exhibits.  The carpet (Carpet 3) inside the walled space expanded outside of the walls in the form of sweeping arches.  The entrance (11' x 30') to the enclosed room received a separate color (Carpet 4).  The majority of the main room retained the existing carpet.  So, our challenge was to first develop an accommodating design concept and then to carefully cut curves which were smooth and precise.

Carpets Chosen

MOSI's managers wisely selected modular carpet, which is stylish, practical, quickly growing in popularity, and utilizes a high percentage of recycled content. Four different carpets were selected. All four possessed some common qualities.

  • Manufacturer:  Interface
  • Yarn Construction:  Tufted Textured Loop
  • Dye Method:  100% Solution Dyed (SD)
  • Soil/Stain Protection:  Protekt²®
  • Protection against Mold and Bacteria:  Intersept®
  • Format:  Carpet Tile
  • Standard Backing:  GlasBac®
  • Feature:  Durability
  • Traffic Classification:  Heavy to Severe
  • Warranty:  15-Year Standard Warranty
  • Total Recycled Content:  64% to 71%
  • Environmental Claim:  3rd Party Verified Carbon Neutral
  • Installation Method:  Direct-glue Installation using Interface's Adhesive

Four Carpet Tiles Selected

Soft Surface:  Modular Carpet 1 for Lobby's Field Carpet

  • Style:  Roy G Biv
  • Color:  7447 Shadow Gray
  • Product Number:  1472102500
  • Note:  The Roy G Biv style is known for creative and fun designs and colors.
  • Fiber:  Post-Consumer Content Type 6,6 Nylon by Universal
  • Dye Lots:  Non-Mergeable
  • Face Weight:  15 Ounces/SY
  • Size:  19.69 inches x 19.69 inches (50cm x 50cm) Square Tiles
  • Layout:  Brick Layout
  • Wall Base: Johnsonite's 4-Inch Cove Vinyl Base (color:  48 Grey)

Soft Surface:  Modular Carpet 2 for Lobby's Two Walk-off Areas

  • Collection:  Step Repeat
  • Style:  SR999
  • Color:  104945 Onyx
  • Product Number:  1388702500
  • QuickShip:  Yes
  • Fiber:  100% Recycled Content Type 6 Nylon by Aquafil
  • Face Weight:  27 Ounces/SY
  • Size:  19.69 inches x 19.69 inches (50cm x 50cm) Square Tiles

Soft Surface:  Modular Carpet 3 for Exhibit Space's Field Carpet

  • Collection:  Bike Path
  • Style:  BP410
  • Color:  104655 Ember
  • Product Number:  146850AK00
  • QuickShip:  Yes
  • Color Description:  Dark Gray and Black
  • Fiber:  Post-Consumer Content Type 6,6 Nylon by Universal
  • Face Weight:  14 Ounces/SY
  • Size:  9.845 inches x 39.38 inches (25cm x 1m) Skinny Planks
  • Layout:  Ashlar Layout
  • Wall Base: Johnsonite's 4-Inch Cove Vinyl Base (color:  40 Black)

Soft Surface:  Modular Carpet 4 for Exhibit Space's 11' x 30' Entry

  • Style:  Cubic Colours
  • Color:  7269 Black
  • Product Number:  1382902500
  • Note:  Cubic Colours has a non-directional design quality.
  • QuickShip:  Yes
  • Fiber:  100% Recycled Content Type 6 Nylon by Aquafil
  • Dye Lots:  Mergeable
  • Face Weight:  18 Ounces/SY
  • Size: 19.69 inches x 19.69 inches (50cm x 50cm) Square Tiles
  • Layout:  Ashlar Layout

Transition:  After the project was underway, the client requested that we provide and install a additional transition to create a perfect threshold from carpet to stained concrete.

Schedule:  The complex renovation was to maintain the museum's reputation as the largest science center in the southeastern United States.  MOSI had a hard completion deadline for their grand reopening.  The two carpets chosen for the exhibit space and the walk-off carpet for the lobby were in stock via Interface's QuickShip program.  But, the main carpet chosen for the lobby had a lead time, which meant that the installation had to be completed without any mishaps.  We finished a few days ahead of schedule and on budget.

Market Sector:  Restaurants and Entertainment