Take-offs are the quantities calculated for flooring materials which are created by analyzing scaled blueprints.  The term take-off is used both as a noun when referring to the quantities determined and as a verb when referring to the calculating process.

Within a flooring company, a take-off is the task of an estimator.  Virtually all of our large flooring projects begin with a methodical take-off analysis from paper drawings.  Performing the take-off for a multi-story building or a large facility is very complex.  Every measurement must be precisely taken or converted from the blueprint's scale to a purchasing unit of measurement.  A floor plan will correspond to a finish index or a finish schedule which will list all specified flooring components (e.g., each type of tile, each type of hardwood, each type of threshold, etc.).  Every specified flooring material and every designated location must be individually counted.

Take-off calculations are necessary to create a bill of materials (BOM) or a material take-off list (MTOL).  Either a BOM or a MTOL is requisite to formulate a pricing estimate or an official bid and to procure the products.  Prior to placing a firm order, field verification measurements might be necessary.  For carpet, the quantity take-off process precedes the generation of a seaming diagram or seaming layout.

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