Who wants to make a blind purchase? No one! Strike-offs are samples of a design idea created to help our customers evaluate colors and layout before the actual production of custom carpet. There are three types of strike-offs: digital strike-offs, paper strike-offs, and carpet strike-offs.

A digital strike-off (also called an electronic strike or e-strike) is the starting point for all custom-made carpet.  Digital strike-offs are classified as 2-D drawings or 2-D perspectives.  Internally, we create many different digital strike-offs before showing our customers the first design idea.  If the design is appealing, we move to paper strike-offs.

Paper strike-offs can be created faster than carpet stike-offs.  Paper strike-offs may measure 24 inches by 36 inches (or larger) and demonstrate how the carpet will fix in your building.  Normally, paper strike-offs are created before carpet strike-offs, but on some occasions both paper and carpet strikeoffs are requested simultaneously.  Paper strike-offs are also classified as 2-D drawings or 2-D perspectives.

Each carpet mill will make thousands of carpet samples of their ordinary off-the-shelf broadloom carpet so that retailers, like us, can allow customers to feel the texture and see the color in person. Carpet strike-offs serve the same purpose, but each carpet strike-off that we request from the mill is completely unique for a specific project. Carpet strike-offs are manufactured to scale and normally measure 30 inches by 36 inches.

Color tones shift (1) from pixels on computer monitors, (2) to ink on paper, and (3) to dye on carpet fiber. The carpet strike is the truest depiction of the actual color tones. Strikeoffs ensure that our consumers know exactly how their project will look before a purchase is made.

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