side match problem

A side match problem can be of two different forms:  color side match and texture side match.  A color side match is an apparent discrepancy in color between two pieces of carpet (or other synthetic flooring sheet goods) when the two pieces are set one against another and is evident from all four sides.  A texture side match is an apparent discrepancy in texture between two adjoining pieces and is only evident from limited angles.

Side match problems create unseemly seams.  In some cases, however, side match issues can be corrected.

Manufacturing Methods

Color side match problems are not risk factors of the beck dye method or the solution dye method.  A color side match is a risk factor if the carpet was produced using a continuous dye method.  Colors subtly change across the width of a roll from one side to the other.  Color match problems are substantially eliminated if the manufacturer creates carpet with a randomized base pattern.

When several rolls of carpet are dyed (as one lot) in a production run, the risk for a side match inconsistency is more likely to happen if the carpet rolls are installed out of sequence.  That is, we attempt to abut Roll 001 to Roll 002 because installing Roll 001 next to 015 is more likely to create a side match problem.

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