A remnant, in the flooring industry, is a small piece of flooring which is typically a roll balance or the remaining portion after an installation.  A flooring remnant may be the bust-off from sheet goods.  If you own a remnant from your flooring renovation, store it safely as attic stock.  For, remnants offer two primary benefits:  a necessary match or a reduced price.  If your flooring suffers damage, a matching remnant may save you from a major replacement expense.  If you need only a small quantity of flooring (e.g., enough for a small room or a rug), you may opt to purchase a remnant at a substantially reduced price.

We sell carpet remnants and other overstocked flooring for prices which are at cost or below cost.  Why?  Although remnants are first-rate goods, remnants are too small to suffice for most customers.  As a result, we sell remnant pieces at liquidation prices.

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