promotional goods

Promotional goods are flooring products which are available at discounted prices and in limited quantities.  Some promotional goods are first-quality inventory; some promotional goods are considered seconds.

Promotional goods could be classified as overstocked flooring.  For example, Shaw Industries will mill dozens of rolls of the same carpet.  The carpet sells all over the country.  The style is replaced, but the mill has three partial rolls remaining.  These rolls no longer represent an active line, so the mill will drop the price and add the three partial rolls to the promotional list.

Promotional goods may be beautiful mistakes.  Mohawk Factoring might have produced custom carpet for an event center which ultimately declined the carpet due to the buyer's financial interruption.  The excess carpet may have been perfect ... for the intended customer.

Promotional goods might have imperfections.  Despite all quality control efforts, errors will be discovered.  If the imperfections are relatively minor, the carpet will be sold as second-rate goods.

The frustration of shopping for promotional goods is that promotional goods can be available this morning and be sold by this afternoon.   Further, the available colors may be too narrow in appeal to suit none but a handful of buyers.  The benefits are zero lead time and lower prices.

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