loose-lay installation

A loose-lay installation is the method that we use to install either residential or commercial carpet when the carpet needs to remain easily removable. The loose-lay method, as indicated by the name, does not attach the carpet to the substrate. In fact, flooring underneath the carpet is often a finished product, such as ceramic tile, stone, or hardwood. When we loose-lay carpet, we typically bind the carpet's edges to protect the edges and create an appealing finish. Safety is always more important than appearance. So, the primary goal is to make sure that the carpet cannot become a trip hazard in a loose-lay condition. We can loose-lay your carpet over cushion and secure the edges. The loose-lay method offers a good solution when carpet is needed in a bathroom or beside a pool and the carpet is expected to get wet. Within such circumstances, we loose-lay the carpet over vinyl or ceramic or pavers so that the carpet can be air-dried. A loose-lay method is also preferred when carpet must be installed for a temporary purpose, such as a red-carpet event.

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