HVAC is the abbreviation for the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system.  Facility managers and homeowners set their HVAC systems to a comfortable temperature.  The HVAC equipment also maintains ambient humidity.  Together, the indoor temperature and humidity influence the moisture vapor emission rate.  Finally, the HVAC filters contribute to indoor air quality, too.

Climate conditions are crucial to successfully (1) install and (2) maintain flooring products.  Flooring manufacturers stipulate the acceptable climate conditions.  Customarily, a home's or a building’s envelope needs to be sealed and the HVAC system needs to be operational at a normal temperature for at least seven days prior to testing the slab, acclimatizing products, or installing flooring.  Rapid changes in the temperature and humidity can cause sweating slab syndrome.

After flooring is installed, the HVAC should continue to regulate climate control to ensure that your flooring does not fail.  If the HVAC equipment is turned off or set outside of range, you should anticipate some form of problems with the flooring (e.g., wrinkles in carpet).

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