field verification

Field verification (also called site verification) refers to a visit to a job site to physically measurement the spaces intended to receive new flooring to verify the actual dimension.  Some flooring estimates or proposals are based upon estimated quantities, blueprint take-offs, or non-scaled diagrams.  A carpet mill or flooring manufacturer may digitize blueprints to establish the expected product quantities needed.  But, experience proves that some blueprints are old copies of copies which creates possible distortions of the scale conversions.  Likewise, buildings are not always built as specified or undergo remodeling, such as adding built-in cabinets or removing walls.  As a result, the field verification measurements either confirm or alter expectations.

Wolfe Flooring has been hired countless times to perform field verifications for carpet mills.  Precision and attention to detail are essential.  Every critical measurement must be verified, and unmarked elements must be noticed and added to the prints.  Our experience as flooring installers and layout specialists enables us to know what the flooring manufacturers need.  In the process of field verifying corridors and common spaces, we are also able to take furniture handling and subfloor conditions into account.

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