double-stick installation

A double-stick installation is a method that we commonly use to install commercial carpet.  The double-stick install is also called a double-glue method or a double glue-down method.  As indicated by the name, the double-stick installation incorporates two installations both utilizing adhesive.  First, we glue the cushion to the substrate.  Second, we glue the carpet to the cushion.  The cushion is usually a slab rubber, but there are other eligible cushions.  The double-stick method is more expensive than the the stretch-in method or the direct-glue method.  The double-stick method diminishes the risk of wrinkles in broad spaces wherein a stretch-in method cannot create nor maintain sufficient tautness.  In some of our customize carpet projects, we make arrangements with the carpet mill to laminate cushion to the back of the carpet during the manufacturing process which allows us to provide a direct-glue method while retaining the benefits of a cushion.

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