direct-glue installation

A direct-glue installation is a method used to install carpet, hardwood, wall tile, laminate, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), vinyl composition tile (VCT), and sheet vinyl.  The direct-glue install is also called a direct glue-down method, and, as indicated by the name, utilizes adhesive to glue the flooring directly to the substrate.

Carpet. We commonly use a direct-glue installation method to install commercial carpet and patio carpet in residential settings.  The direct-glue method is less expensive than the double-stick method.  The direct-glue method diminishes the risk of wrinkles in carpet in broad spaces wherein a stretch-in method cannot create nor maintain sufficient tautness.  Most direct-glue carpet forfeits the benefits of carpet cushion, so the walk is less luxurious and the carpet yarn is left to absorb all of the impact of each step (which means that the carpet will not last as long).  However, sometimes we can make arrangements with the carpet mill to laminate cushion to the back of the carpet during the manufacturing process.

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