abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance is ability of a flooring product's top layer to withstand or resist abrasions.  The surface of flooring can be abraded by a single event or by regular wear.  In Florida, we must remain vigilant to prevent sand from being tracked inside.  Granules of sand will grind a flooring's surface with each footstep.

Abrasion resistance should be among your foremost considerations for the long-term enjoyment of your flooring.  Commercial goods will have a thicker or more abrasion resistant wear layer than residential flooring.  For example, a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) may have a 6-mil wear layer for a LVT residential application and have a 20-mil wear layer for a heavy LVT commercial application.

A high-grade of porcelain tile is probably the most abrasion resistant flooring surface available.  One can literally grind down a penny's edge by rubbing it vigorously against the surface of quality porcelain.

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