Commercial Carpet Cushion

New Commercial Carpet Cushion (a.k.a., Padding or Carpet Underlay)

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Leggett & Platt - Makers of Cushion
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SCI Sponge Cushion Inc by Leggett and Platt
TredMOR by SCI Sponge Cushion Inc by Leggett and Platt

Cushion is a critical component when purchasing new carpet. In addition to adding a luxurious walk to the carpet, cushion also adds to the carpet's life expectancy. Furthermore, cushion absorbs sounds and adds insolation to the room.

Thankfully, cushion costs only a nominal amount compared to carpet. If you have extra money to invest into your carpet or pad, we generally recommend that you invest the extra into the cushion. The return on investment is better from cushion.

Wolfe Flooring offers slab rubber (e.g., TredMOR 2580), hartex synthetic fiber cushion (a.k.a., hair fiber pad), prime urethane, and rebonded polyurethane. Specialty cushions like Odor Eater designed for pets and other areas subject to odors are also available. Commercial customers need to speak with one of our representatives for individual recommendations. Usually, commercial customers should consider hair fiber pad or an attached cushion if an attached cushion is available with your carpet choice. Slab rubber also makes for an ideal choice for a double-stick installation.

The Carpet and Rug Institute states guidelines for cushion thickness. Residential carpet "[c]ushion thickness should not exceed 7/16 inch (11 mm)" (CRI-105 Residential Carpet Installation Standard). "Cushion thickness for commercial carpet installations should not exceed 3/8 inch (10 mm)" (CRI-104 Standard for Installation of Commercial Carpet). Many carpet manufacturers will void all or part of your warranty if the cushion thickness exceeds these recommendations.

Rebond Cushion.

The vast majority of residential installations use rebonded cushion. Like plastic, urethane foam is heavily recycled making rebonded cushion environmentally friendly. Rebond pad is constructed from polyurethane foam recycled from common urethane products such as mattresses, chair cushions, sofa cushions, and miscellaneous textiles. The urethane products are processed and compressed (i.e., bonded) together. Wolfe Flooring faithfully participates in the recycling process. Our four primary cushions for residential customers are rebonded products (listed below). All of the rebonded cushion we offer is non-allergenic and resists mildew. Furthermore, each rebonded cushion comes with a net attached to the surface to add structural support.


Rebond cushion is measured in two ways.  First is the density.  This measurement is usually given in pounds.  The heavier the weight the firmer the pad.  A cushion with a six pound density such as our Gold Series feels absolutely wonderful.  Heavier densities are available.  However, we've found that eight and ten pound density cushions are so dense that they are unpleasant to many customers.  The second measurement is thickness.  Usually, the thicker the better, but the maximum thickness should not exceed your carpet manufacturer's recommendations.  Loop-pile carpets perform better with a denser but thinner cushion than cut-pile (See our Specialty Loop-Pile Series).

Bronze Series - Rebond Cushion

Density                 3.0 lb. True Weight
Thickness             6/16" or 3/8" (0.375")
Quantity Per Roll   40 yd2
Support                with Net
Warranty              5 years

Silver Series - Rebond Cushion

Density                 4.0 lb. True Weight
Thickness             7/16" (0.438")
Quantity Per Roll   40 yd2
Support                with Net
Warranty              5 years

Gold Series - Rebond Cushion

Density                 6.0 lb. True Weight
Thickness             7/16" (0.438")
Quantity Per Roll   30 yd2
Support                with Net
Warranty              10 years

Specialty Loop-Pile (a.k.a., Berber) Series - Rebond Cushion

Density                 8.0 lb. True Weight
Thickness             5/16" (0.313")
Quantity Per Roll   30 yd2
Support                with Net
Warranty              15 years

Call for special pricing on large orders.

Special Comparison of 32 oz. Synthetic Fiber Cushion for Three Major Brand Names


Leggett & Platt

Reliance Carpet Cushion

Product Code 6E4032
Quality/Name Smart Step Syntex III Marathon 32
Width 6' 6' 6'
Length 60' 60' 60'
Roll Size yds2 40 SY 40 SY 40 SY
Roll Weight (lbs.) 90 LB 80 LB 80 LB
Weight oz/yd 32 oz. 32 oz. 32 oz.
Gauge/Thickness 0.36" 0.375" 0.375"
Density lb/cu ft 8.5 LB 7.0 LB 7.1 LB
FHA Class 1 & 2 2 2
Radiant Panel (ASTM E 648) Class I
Insulation "R" Factor (ASTM C518-76) not given  2.12 2.29
Tear Strength (ASTM 2262) not given not given 44 lbs.
Elongation Test not given not given 13% avg.
Foot Traffic (ASTM 2401) not given not given Pass
Acoustical NRC (ASTM C423-77) not given not given 0.69
DOC-FF-1-70 (Pill Test) Pass not given "Available Upon Request"

Call for special pricing on large pad orders.

All specs should be verified with the manufacturers.  Measurements not given are likely available upon request from the manufacturers.

Nova is also available.

Mohawk's cushion is offered to the public under different names:

  • In Step 20, Right Step 20, Smart Step 20, Ultra 20, Apex 20, and Floor Step 20.
  • In Step 24, Right Step 24, Smart Step 24, Ultra 24, Apex 24, and Floor Step 24.
  • In Step 28, Right Step 28, Smart Step 28, Ultra 28, Apex 28, and Floor Step 28.
  • In Step 32, Right Step 32, Smart Step 32, Ultra 32, Apex 32, and Floor Step 32.
  • In Step 40, Right Step 40, Smart Step 40, Ultra 40, Apex 40, and Floor Step 40.