The Providence of a Blessing

First, the Bad.

Sometimes, everything aligns perfectly.  But, like most good stories, this one begins with a small tragedy.  Wanda, an elderly widow customer of ours, living on one of the winding roads in the heart of Temple Terrace, suffered a flood.  Her adult son in Riverview sprang into action by extracting most of the water!  A flood is terrible!  Right?  Not this time.  Wanda was in for a blessing.

Needed:  New Carpet.

Layout Diagram - Entrance, Family Room, and Main Hallway

Layout Diagram - Entrance, Family Room, and Main Hallway

Wanda's existing carpet was more than a decade old.  The carpet's color was, like her wall paint, very dated.  Wanda's son called asking for pricing on builder's grade carpet.  In light of the old carpet's age and their future plans, it was time for new carpet.  The damp carpet was removed before the day ended.  Drying equipment ran for 48 hours.  Due to fading health, Wanda and her son openly discussed her eventual relocation and the selling of her home, a change expected in the not-so-distant future.  Wanda's home needed to be prepared to go on the market.  Our goal was to replace all of the carpet, which ran from the entrance, into the family room, and down the hallway.

The Provision.

At this point, the story shifts attention to a prior date and another customer.  One of our high-end customers had previously purchased Shaw's Chance Encounter III in the Queen collection, a carpet with an appearance retention rating of 4.25 out of 5.00.  After a major redesign and a few months, our high-end customer asked us to replace her carpet with new porcelain in some areas.  The carpet was still in pristine condition.  So, we retained a few large pieces without an intended use.

Fortunate Timing.

We received the pre-owned carpet just before Wanda had the flood.  Wanda's son did not want his mother to live with exposed tackstrip for even a day longer than necessary.  Wolfe Flooring needed to rush!  What's faster than carpet sitting on the racks in our warehouse?  The timing of provision and need was perfect.

Fortunate Quantity.

Wanda needed 41 square yards.  Wanda's layout was a compliment.  After final calculations, it was evident that we had just enough to complete the installation with only a handful of scraps remaining.  We had 44 square yards!  Countless other possible homes would have required more carpet or would have created excess waste.  For Wanda's home, the combination of supply and demand was perfect.

Fortunate Pricing.

The flood was not covered by insurance.  Wanda's son bore the brunt of the water extraction and old carpet removal.  Even with (1) upgraded carpet, (2) upgraded cushion, and (3) difficult seams, we charged a price that nearly matched an inexpensive apartment grade carpet.  The pricing was a perfect match to Wanda's thrifty and modest spending.

Market Ready.

Wanda's 1950s Ranch-style house was dramatically upgraded by the new, 53.6-ounce face weight carpet.  Because the carpet is thick and Wanda's steps are uncertain, we recommended a thinner and denser cushion than average.  Specifically, we provided a true 8.0-pound rebonded urethane cushion with 3/8-inch thickness.  Wanda was advanced from an olefin yarn to 100% Anso nylon and from a standard carpet backing to Softbac Platinum backing.  We were able to reuse most of her existing transitions.  With new paint, Wanda's home should fetch a much higher price than had the flood never occurred.

Stock Photo of Shaw's Chance Encounter III Installed in a Staged Room.

Stock Photo of Shaw's Chance Encounter III Installed in a Staged Room.


When rare good fortune touches our lives, some will call the turn of events "good luck."  More accurately, the blessings of our lives come to us by God's kind providence.  We were overjoyed to play a part for this sweet, elderly lady.

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