Shiny Vinyl Composition Tile for the Dogs and Cats of Tampa Bay

VCT Howling for Attention

We were recently called by a veterinarian to rescue the floors of her animal hospital in Riverview, which is south of Tampa in Hillsborough County, Florida.  The vinyl composition tile (V.C.T.) of her commercial facility needed to be stripped and waxed to restore its luster.  We observed three problems.  First, her hospital for our fury friends was clean, but animals’ nails can scratch every flooring type, even industrial VCT.  Second, the cleaning agents used to sterilize the vinyl floors of this veterinarian’s office are stronger than ordinary damp-mopping.  So, the wax finish must resist more than scratches by pets and scuffs by people.  Finally, to compound matters, we also noticed a couple of areas where rolling chairs had been used without the protection of chair mats.  The VCT appeared so badly damaged that we prepared the doctor for the possibility that aggressive screening and waxing may not completely restore her most scuffed areas.

During Stripping and After Waxing of Vinyl Composition Tile Floorings

VCT Stripping Process (left) and Shiny Vinyl Tile Floor (right)


As you see from the above finished photo, our cleaning efforts restored the doctor’s vinyl flooring.  Not a blemish remained.  And, we completed this commercial night-job on schedule.  As for the chair pads, we recommended that the feline physician set her new chair mats in place after the wax was fully cured and reached maximum hardness.

Services We Offer

Wolfe Flooring sells and installs VCT with mirror smoothness because we apply leveling compound and skim coats (as needed) to the concrete slab as the first order of business.  Once the VCT is installed, we wait about a week for the adhesive to adequately dry.  Then, we strip and wax the VCT for the first time.  We offer hi-speed buffing for customers who desire an even greater sheen.  We also offer an in-between service to restore the shine (which requires less scrubbing and waxing) to save money and time.

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