Interface QuickShip Carpet Tile

World's No. 1

We love Interface carpet tile.  Interface began in 1973 and has grown into a billion-dollar corporation (NASDAQ Ticker:  TILE).  Today, Interface offers carpet tiles for commercial, institutional, and residential markets.  According to Interface's website, their domestic U.S. sales combined with global exports make Interface the "world’s leading producer of soft-surfaced modular floorcoverings."

QuickShip Speed

Carpet tile has a lead time of three to eight weeks depending upon the manufacturer and their production load.  More commonly, the lead time is four to six weeks.  Most of Interface's QuickShip carpets are available within 10 business days.  QuickShip carpets allow owners and facility managers to take action quickly.

Interface QuickShip Carpet Tile Memo

Interface QuickShip Carpet Tile Memo


Expanded QuickShip

Interface expanded their QuickShip products and simplified the program to three sample books:  QuickShip One, QuickShip Two, and QuickShip Three.  QuickShip Three is dedicated to walk-off and accent modular carpets.  Interface's offers more than 200 QuickShip SKUs.  Interface attempts to maintain inventory levels of 2,000 square yards of each and up to 250 square yards for the walk-off and accent carpet tiles found in QuickShip Three.


Interface QuickShip Carpet Tile - Architectural Samples

Interface QuickShip Carpet Tile - Architectural Samples


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