Integrity in All Relationships

Recently, we wrote on the importance of concrete substrate integrity with images showing what happens when the subfloor is not properly leveled.  The article explained how, years earlier, another flooring company did not properly clean or prime the concrete slab before applying floor patching material.  By providing poor workmanship, the previous installers marred their reputation as untrustworthy flooring professionals.  When performing inspections, we often find customers have suffered the damage of a salesman’s slick tongue pushing a weak product or an installer’s shoddy workmanship.

In relationships—whether at home, in your office, or out in the field—trust is a relational quality that is earned by faithful performance and forfeited by one clear breech of integrity.  Consistent honesty fosters trust.  An unfair critic can besmirch a reputation unjustly and thereby cause damage.  Slander and libel test our integrity, but these assaults cannot cause our personal integrity to fail.  Honesty is an inside job.  Trustworthiness is ours to retain or relinquish.

The ancient King Solomon wrote of the value of reputation twice, saying,

“A good name is better than fine perfume,” and

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.”

No monetary value can be placed on an upstanding reputation.  Stay true to established principles, and you will be true to your God, yourself, your family, and your business relationships.  Everyone wins if you win the right way.

Working hard and providing quality flooring products and installation services at competitive pricing is imperative.  A flooring company can show employees, vendors, customers, and other observers the meaning of old fashion reliability and respect.  Wolfe Flooring has been serving residential customers in Tampa Bay and commercial clients in the State of Florida since 1980.  One satisfied customer telling another is the best means of growth.  About 80 to 90 percent of our business has come from either repeat customers or customers referred by a friend.  We continue to place our top priority on excellence in business at fair prices.

All of us avoid the devastating cost of relational failure by holding onto our personal integrity everyday.

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