Goldilocks and the Three Carpet Bids

Goldilocks:  A Girl of Moderation

Goldilocks, according to the children's story "The Three Bears," visited the cabin of Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear.  The young girl sampled three bowls of porridge, three chairs, and three beds.  Goldilocks avoided the extremes.  The first bowl was too hot; the second was too cold; but, the third was "just right."

They Wanted Glue-Down Carpet, But ...

An aviation-related company near the Tampa Executive Airport off Highway 301 wanted new commercial carpet using a direct-glue installation method.  Unfortunately, a portion of the building had an old paint on their concrete substrate.  Wolfe Flooring was one of four companies requested to bid their carpet replacement.  One of the four companies declined to bid after realizing the extra effort required to address the subfloor's old paint coating.

The Middle Bid

Three carpet companies submitted bids for the loop-pile carpet.  This was a relatively small carpet replacement valued at about $4,500.  One of our competitors priced their bid about $2,000 higher than us.  The other carpet company was about $1,000 less than us.  As percentages, these price differences were large: $1,000 represented 22% less than our total, and $2,000 represented 44% higher than our total.  Why such variance?

Wolfe Flooring - The Right Price & Solution

Wolfe Flooring - The Right Price & Solution

Voiding the Warranty

Manufacturers of floor primers and of flooring adhesive do not offer warranties when bonding to an unknown flooring paint.  For example, Signature Series 4099 High Performance Multi-Purpose Adhesive by Parabond requires the following:  "Subfloor must be clean, dry, smooth and free of any contamination which may interfere with the adhesive bond."  The paint could spoil the bond quality of the carpet adhesive.

The Wolfe Flooring Difference

When we inquired further, our client granted insights.  Similar to us, the highest bidder planned for preventative measures against the risk of an installation failure.  In contrast, the lowest bidder did not mention any special floor prep intended for the old floor paint and omitted a room.  But, our proposal included another big difference.  Our pricing included a preliminary visit to install a small test area to confirm a strong bond before installing all of the carpet.

A Moderate Customer

So, our story ends with the customer avoiding the extremes.  They decided that the Wolfe Flooring bid was "just right."

The End.

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