Flooring Trends: What’s Popular Now?

We are always watching for the fashion forward trends of the market.  Once, bamboo and cork were all the rave.  Frieze carpets also enjoyed a flare.  Harkening back further, there was actual linoleum and sheet vinyl thereafter.  But, what is popular now?

By the time you read this article, there is a real chance that this article will be out of date.  So, let us identify some stalwart prizewinners.

One thousand years ago, high-quality natural stone and natural hardwood were enjoyed by fine homes and landmark buildings.  Today, these natural products still grace our floors across the country.

Daltile's Continental Slate Porcelain in color of Brazilian Green

Daltile's Continental Slate porcelain (color: Brazilian Green): The color and texture of this porcelain offer realism which is more durable and trouble-free than natural slate.

Year after year, the most popular flooring products consistently include those man-made floors which most realistically mimic the natural products.  So, today, we sell a great deal of porcelains which can deceive the eye of some of your most discerning guests. Likewise, we provide a large volume of luxury vinyl flooring which look identical to hardwood.

The feature image (i.e., the top left picture including jacks) for this article is a photograph of Mohawk's Woodlands (color:  Brandy Wine) luxury vinyl flooring.  Pieces within each carton have broad differences in grain patterns, as would be true of natural hardwood.  Additionally, the surface of the luxury vinyl plank incorporates a wood-grain texture.

VCT and laminate have dropped substantially since 2015.  Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and faux-wood glazed porcelain tiles catapulted in 2016.  Modular carpet tiles have also enjoyed a surge in demand in 2016.

The color tones common within nature remain popular.  If you venture into more striking colors, know that your floors may not be accounted as universally appealing five years from now when it might be time to sell.

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