Durkan Select’s Centrato Luxury Vinyl by Mohawk Group

Rarely do we feel such personal excitement over the debut of a new LVT, but Centrato is a luxury vinyl that we cannot help but promote with zeal.  Centrato, a Durkan Select product, made its appearance in November 2017.  The Centrato's combination of price to quality is arguably the best in the market at this time.  We have sold this product to several clients, and all are happy customers.


Let's not get lost on terminology.  Durkan Select is a Mohawk Group brand.   Durkan Select refers to their luxury vinyls as enhanced resilient tile (ERT).  This type of heterogeneous engineered resilient flooring is more commonly called a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or a luxury vinyl plank (LVP).  There are all the same.

Major Product Features

This blog post includes the full technical specifications for Centrato ERT, but there are a few key qualities worthy of special notation.  First, Centrato has a full commercial wear layer at 20 mils thick with Mohawk's M-Force 1 Enhanced Urethane finish.  These combined features afford a 10-year limited commercial warranty.  Second, Centrato has a static load PSI rating at a whopping 1,500 pounds per square inch!  (Most resilient flooring measures less; some, much less.)  Third, this ERT has reinforced with fiberglass for added strength.  Fourth, this LVP can be installed on concrete slabs with up to 95% relative humidity.  Finally, Mohawk proudly makes Centrato here in America.

Durkan Select's Centrato LVT (Color: Calypso 718) in a Conference Room

Durkan Select's Centrato LVT (Color: Calypso 718) in a Conference Room

General Specifications

  • CONSTRUCTION:  Commercial Grade Enhanced Resilient Tile
  • GAUGE:  0.10" (2.5mm)
  • WEAR LAYER20 mil (0.5mm)
  • STATIC LOAD:  ASTM F970 - Passes, modified at 1500 PSI
  • PRODUCT TYPE:  Glue Down LVT
  • FINISH:  M-Force 1 Enhanced Urethane
  • SIZE:  7.72" W x 51.97" L
  • SQUARE FEET PER CARTON:  36.22 SF/Carton
  • PIECES PER CARTON:  13 PC/Carton
  • INSTALLATION:  Glue Down
  • RECOMMENDED ADHESIVE:  MS160 Spray Adhesive; M95.0 Resilient Flooring Adhesive; or, M700 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • CERTIFICATION:  FloorScore® Certified
  • Warranty:  Limited 10-Year Commercial Warranty


Centrato offers a narrow color palette of only six colors, but each color is available through Durkan Select's QuickShip program.  Durkan Select can ship Centrato within 10 business days, which creates a minor lead time.  Often, the only delay is 3 business days in transit time to Tampa.  We have to add a few more days for this vinyl plank to acclimate to your site conditions before the installation.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Centrato is designed for a direct-glue installation and is not waterproof.  The price is so competitive that Centrato should be strongly considered for residential applications.  We are most frequently asked to attach a new vinyl base on the perimeter walls to finish a renovation in commercial buildings.

Color Options

Centrato is available in six faux-wood visuals.   If you find a desirable color in the Centrato palette, and your job site does not require a waterproof LVT or a thicker click-together eLVT, then you can probably stop shopping.  For, you are unlikely to find a better value in today's market.

ASTM Standards

Centrato's technical measurements are impressive by ASTM standards.

  • CLASSIFICATION:  ASTM F1700 - Class III, Type A - Smooth, Type B - Embossed
  • SQUARENESS:  ASTM F2421 - Passes - ±0.10" max
  • SIZE AND TOLERANCE:  ASTM F2421 - Passes - ±0.16"/Linear Foot
  • THICKNESS:  ASTM F386 - Passes - as specified ±0.005"
  • FLEXIBILITY:  ASTM F137 - Passes - =1" mandrel
  • DIMENSIONAL STABILITY:  ASTM F2199 - Passes - 0.020"/Linear Foot Max
  • RESIDUAL INDENTATION:  ASTM F1914 - Passes - Average less than 8%, maximum single reading 10%
  • SLIP RESISTANT:  ASTM C1028 - Passes - Wet = 0.5
  • RESISTANCE TO CHEMICALS:  ASTM F925 - Passes - No more than a slight change
  • RESISTANCE TO LIGHT:  ASTM F1515 - Passes - ΔE < 8
  • RESISTANCE TO HEAT:  ASTM F1514 - Passes - ΔE < 8
  • CRITICAL RADIANTFLUX:  ASTM E648 - Class 1 (>0.45 W/cm2)
  • SMOKE DENSITY:  ASTM E662 Part A - Less than 450

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