Divide and Conquer: Fitting the Flooring Budget

How do you purchase new flooring when the project is over budget? Today, one of our commercial clients here in Tampa, Florida asked that we divide our proposal on Armstrong’s Stonetex vinyl composition tile (VCT) into two parts. They are not sure if they can afford to have an entire renovation during this economic slump. So, we’ve divided their installation into two phases. This will raise the price slightly due to extra product waste; however, our customer will have us install the new VCT in the most prominent area first. The new VCT in their showroom will create the WOW-factor for their visitors, especially if they purchase 18-inch Stonetex VCT. When funds are available, we will install the balance in the back offices.

If you are going to take this approach, remember to purchase all the product as soon as possible. Preferably, buy all the product at one time. Why? Manufacturers may discontinue the product line and dye lots will likely be different. Deferring the installation will save money.

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