Discontinued Styles: R.I.P.

The Request

Two things happened today which exemplified a valuable lesson.  In the morning, one of our commercial customers asked us to divide their proposal into two phases.  They wanted new modular carpet in their public spaces done immediately.  But, they wanted the same carpet tile be installed in their private offices about six months from now.

The Notice

Our client's request finds significance in light of today's second event.  In the afternoon, we received a letter from Mohawk Industries stating the discontinuance of select Aladdin carpet styles.  We receive notices of discontinued styles from all of the major manufacturers.  As Mohawk stated, they must "refresh" their product lines to remain in harmony with consumer trends.  A static product line would make flooring sales and inventory management easy, but Wolfe Flooring and our manufacturers are always updating flooring samples to reflect the latest innovations.  The changes are good.

Notice of Discontinued Aladdin Styles by Mohawk Industries

Notice of Discontinued Aladdin Styles by Mohawk Industries

The Risk

So, our client's requested delay would have created a sizable risk that the same flooring would be unavailable at a later date.  Even if the same style were available, the dye lot of the public spaces would differ from the private offices.

The Lesson

We recommended the safe approach.  Purchase all of the carpet tile at one time.  Then, allow us to install the carpet as their budget and schedule permit.  The customer was grateful for our foresight.  Long-term planning leads to long-term happiness.

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