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Why is my floor turning yellow?

The new exterior was ruining the new interior.

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Commercial Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)

New Vinyl Composition Tile -¬†Installations [spacer] [logooos columns="5" itemsheightpercentage="0.70" backgroundcolor="transparent" layout="grid" category="774" orderby="title" order="ASC" marginbetweenitems="5px" tooltip="enabled" responsive="enabled" grayscale="disabled" border="enabled" bordercolor="#DCDCDC" borderradius="logooos_no_radius" hovereffect="effect1" hovereffectcolor="#DCDCDC" ] [spacer] [tabs direction="top" tab1="Introduction" tab2="Inspiration" tab3="Selection" tab4="Preparation"¬†tab5="Initiation"] [tab1] [spacer] Introduction Wolfe Flooring sells and installs a complete line of commercial goods manufactured by the top brand names in the flooring industry.…
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Shiny Vinyl Composition Tile for the Dogs and Cats of Tampa Bay

Not a blemish remained.

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