2010 Coverings in Orlando: Staying on the Cutting Edge of Knowledge

We are wise enough to know that we do not know everything but that we can remain flooring professionals if we make ourselves diligent students of the manufacturers’ technical experts.  As with any industry, professionals must be lifelong learners.  Architectural designs and construction methods are constantly evolving.  There is a drastic contrast between a home or commercial facility built in 1960 compared to 2010.  Our job is to provide our clientele with inspiring aesthetics, innovative hard surfaces, and current technical knowledge.

Retailers, such as Wolfe Flooring, converge with distributors, architects, engineers, fabricators, and more to exchange ideas and expand relationships at Coverings.  In one day alone, we had employees attending classes on shower drainage systems; new ADA recommendations; moisture and mold prevention; the chemistry of various concrete products; eco-friendly green flooring; new setting methods for large tiles that are relatively thin; color trends and hue combinations with paint; and, more.

We draw exciting design ideas from flooring conventions like Coverings which allow us to provide decorating concepts to our clients.  Beyond cosmetic appeal, we learn of new suppliers, products, techniques, finishes, sealers, and more.

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