We are grateful for our high grade on Angie's List and especially honored that over 90% of our sales are from repeat customers or their friends.  Consistent standards win new flooring sales.  Flooring renovations are needed on average every 7 to 15 years, depending upon the type, grade, and use.  We seek to make a lasting impression so that you will remember us many years later when your next replacement is due.


Confidence from our customers is premium.  Confidence from our vendors is also premium.  A loss of credence from either our clients or suppliers would be terrible.

Most often, testimonials spotlight the compliments of our past customers, but we are also humbly grateful for the trust of Mohawk Industries Inc., one of the world's stellar flooring manufacturers.  Wolfe Flooring has been doing business with Mohawk Industries and its many brand subsidiaries for many years.  And, over these many years, we have received many credit letters from Mohawk extending "virtually 'Unlimited' credit" which were similar to the one displayed in this testimonial.

Your local flooring retailer creates hardships upon themselves and some risk for you if they do not maintain consistent financial strength with their flooring manufacturers and distributors.  Financial strength remains the determined goal and expectation of Wolfe Flooring, Inc. in Tampa.

Virtually Unlimited Credit with Mohawk Flooring

Virtually Unlimited Credit with Mohawk Flooring

Mohawk Industries, Inc., Leading Flooring Manufacturer

I can't thank you guys enough for the job that you've done here.  Thank you.  All is well.  I mean you guys are just tremendous in my book.

Mr. C., Board Member for Sunset Park Condominiums, South Tampa Condominium - Carpet Tile and LVT

On May 10, 2017, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) published their highest rating of A+ for Wolfe Flooring.  Since 1912, the BBB has assisted consumers in evaluating marketplace trust.  Today, the BBB provides information on over 4 million businesses.  Wolfe Flooring is pleased to be rated so highly, and we are committed to maintaining the public's trust.

Better Business Bureau's 05/10 /2017 Rating

Better Business Bureau's 05/10 /2017 Rating

BBB, Community Trust

To the Wolfe Family,

We feel truly sorry for people that don't understand the luxury of carpet!!

It is one of the most amazing products you can put in your home.

There is nothing like the feel of stepping—barefoot—on wonderful carpeting.  Wow!

We cannot thank you enough for:

  • giving us a competitive quote
  • steering us toward the right color and product (esp. w/ pets)
  • and sending such a crew of experienced installers

From start to finish, it was a positive experience.  Only you—Wolfe Flooring—could have pulled this off.


The Kru.

"Thank You" Letter from Paula Kru. of South Tampa, FL

"Thank You" Letter from Paula Kru. of South Tampa, FL

Update from February 22, 2018:

"Hope this finds you well.  It has been a year since our carpet was installed.  ...I want you to know how happy we are with that carpeting.  It has exceeded our expectations in every way.  The perfect solution for people with pets.  We had a couple of accidents happen, and it was like magic the way it all turned out.  You are right about the way the fibers are made---completely different and far superior to any carpeting we've ever seen.  And, it always feels like a dream to walk on.  Much appreciated this winter when it was cold!  We were cozy!"

Paula Kru. and Family, Repeat Customer - Homeowner in South Tampa, FL